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Innovative Open-Source Energy Software to Drive and Enable Energy Savings and Process Optimization...

by Kristina O Armstrong, Thomas J Wenning, Sachin U Nimbalkar, Sandy Glatt
Publication Type
Conference Paper
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2019 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry: Inspiring Action for a Sustainable Future
Publication Date
Conference Name
2019 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Industry
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Portland, Oregon, United States of America
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U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) energy system-analysis software tools have been used for years helping to identify over 170 TBTU/year of energy savings through the Save Energy Now “Energy Savings Assessment” and Better Plants “In-Plant Training” Programs. While most of the fundamental energy savings opportunities do not evolve much with time, computer technology never stops, leaving most of these software tools inoperable on modern computers.

This has sparked an initiative to revitalize the DOE energy system analysis tools into a new, open-source, integrated software tool suite - MEASUR. Designed for industrial energy coordinators, engineers, utility-program implementers and individuals who are interested in improving system efficiency, MEASUR can aide users in identifying, assessing, and quantifying energy savings opportunities within pump, fan, process heating, steam, motors, and compressed air systems. In addition, the software contains over 40 equipment and property calculators for simple energy-related calculations and analyses.

This paper will present a results comparison for each energy-consuming system using data from past DOE-sponsored energy assessments (to establish the accuracy of the savings algorithms) to validate and verify the accuracy of the energy and cost savings calculated by MEASUR. Additionally, an example highlighting 3rd-party development of the tool’s opensource framework into real-time sensor systems and efficiency-optimization will be presented.