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Initial Measurements with the Prototype Parallel-Slit Ring Collimator Fast Neutron Emission Tomography System...

by Paul A Hausladen, Mairead E Montague, Lorenzo Fabris
Publication Type
ORNL Report
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Since 2017, Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) has been developing a passive fast-neutron emission tomography capability. The goal of this development is the ability to quantify the neutron source strength of individual fuel pins (rods) in spent nuclear fuel assemblies. Such a system could be used to measure the burnup of each fuel pin in a spent fuel assembly to take burnup credit when loading dry storage casks or to count individual fuel pins in spent fuel assemblies for safeguards purposes. At present, a laboratory prototype imager has been built and initial imaging measurements performed. The purpose of this prototype is to demonstrate imaging capability sufficient to resolve individual fuel pins in spent fuel assemblies, and in initial measurements, neutron sources separated by a spacing of 1.27 cm (similar to the spacing between fuel pins in commercial pressurized water reactor 17×17 nuclear fuel assemblies) have been resolved. This report documents the as-built imager, first measurements performed with it, and tomographic reconstructions performed using the measured data.