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Hybrid Data-Driven Based HVdc Ancillary Control for Multiple Frequency Data Attacks...

Publication Type
Journal Name
IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics
Publication Date
Page Numbers
8035 to 8045

The high voltage direct current (HVdc) intertie has been applied to provide ancillary-services for ac grids, utilizing the real-time feedback from phasor measurement units (PMUs). However, PMU data communication is vulnerable to false data injection attacks (FDIA) due to protocol defects, thus the HVdc ancillary control and system stability will be threatened. To address this issue, this article proposes a novel HVdc control strategy based on a hybrid data-driven (HDD) methodology. The HDD methodology is first proposed to detect the types and duration time of multiple frequency attacks. Specifically, the Hilbert Huang transform (HHT) is used to decompose the frequency data, using variational mode decomposition instead of the traditional empirical mode decomposition, to extract data features. Second, a multikernel support vector machine is proposed to classify the attacked data based on the designed distinctive features from HHT. Meanwhile, the attacking duration time is decided using an unsupervised technique. Third, an HDD-based HVdc ancillary control strategy is established to eliminate the effect of FDIAs on the HVdc frequency response. Comprehensive experiments of HDD-based HVdc ancillary controls under different FDIAs suggest that the proposed HDD could fast and accurately classify the FDIAs, and the HDD-based HVdc ancillary control strategy could significantly suppress the impact of the FDIAs.