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Hund bands in spectra of multiorbital systems...

by Maksymilian Sroda, J Mravlje, Gonzalo Alvarez, Elbio R Dagotto, Jacek Herbrych
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Physical Review B
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Spectroscopy experiments are routinely used to characterize the behavior of strongly correlated systems. An in-depth understanding of the different spectral features is thus essential. Here, we show that the spectrum of the multiorbital Hubbard model exhibits unique Hund bands that occur at energies given only by the Hund coupling JH, as distinct from the Hubbard satellites following the interaction U. We focus on experimentally relevant single-particle and optical spectra that we calculate for a model related to iron chalcogenide ladders. The calculations are performed via the density-matrix renormalization group and Lanczos methods. The generality of the implications is verified by considering a generic multiorbital model within dynamical mean-field theory.