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High pressure neutron diffraction on WAND2 with a Paris-Edinburgh press...

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High Pressure Research
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213 to 225

The Paris-Edinburgh press is a widely available, highly adaptable pressure cell commonly used while collecting neutron scattering data. Here, we detail the use of the VX3 and VX5 Paris-Edinburgh presses on the Wide-Angle Neutron Diffractometer (WAND2) at the High Flux Isotope Reactor at Oak Ridge National Laboratory. We first give a detailed overview of the instrument setup and alignment capabilities used at WAND2. We then demonstrate the high pressure capabilities through three examples. The first example focuses on diffraction data obtained from a lithium-diamond mixture to 10 GPa with the use of single toroidal cubic boron nitride anvils. Other examples include the room temperature compressions of germanium (up to 16 GPa) and the mineral malachite with double toroidal sintered diamond anvils. This work thereby represents the first studies above 10 GPa at the High Flux Isotope Reactor and opens the door for future user experiments at these elevated pressures.