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Yan Wu

Neutron Instrument Scientist

Yan Wu is a neutron instrument scientist at DEMAND and WAND² instruments at the high flux isotope reactor of Oak Ridge national laboratory. She is interested in studying the crystal structure and magnetic structure with X-ray diffraction and neutron scattering techniques and illustrating the coupling between lattice, electron, and magnetic moments in material systems like multiferroics, molecular magnets, itinerant magnets, and the complex magnetism materials.

Yan Wu received her Ph. D from Louisiana State University in 2016 and joined ORNL as an instrument scientist after completing postdoc training at ORNL in 2019.

DEMAND, Dimensional Extreme Magnetic Neutron Diffractometer at HFIR, ORNL,

WAND2, Wide Angle Neutron Diffractometer at HFIR, ORNL,