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Frontiers and opportunities in bioenergy crop microbiome research networks...

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Phytobiomes Journal
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1 to 29

Researchers from across the four U.S. Department of Energy Bioenergy Research Centers engaged in a microbiome workshop that focused on identifying challenges and collaboration opportunities to better understand bioenergy-relevant plant–microbe interactions. The virtual workshop included hands-on educational sessions and a keynote address on current best practices in microbiome science and community microbiome standards, as well as breakout sessions aimed at identifying microbiome-related data and measurements that should be prioritized, opportunities for and barriers to integrating plant metabolites to microbiome research, and strategies for more effectively integrating microbiome data and processes into existing models. Based on participant discussion, key findings of the workshop were the need to prioritize scaling data sharing across BRCs and the broader research community and securing collaborative infrastructure in the areas of microbiome-ecosystem modeling and molecular plant-microbe interactions. This workshop review highlights additional main findings from this event, to encourage cross-site and more holistic meta-analyses while promoting wide scientific community engagement across plant microbiome sciences.