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Exploration of ICP platforms for measuring elemental impurities in uranium ore concentrates...

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International Journal of Mass Spectrometry
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Presented here is a look at different inductively coupled plasma (ICP) platforms including sector field, triple quadrupole mass spectrometric configurations, and optical emission spectroscopy. The goal of this manuscript was to convey the feasibility of trace elemental analysis of a uranium ore concentrate with varying ICP-based platforms. It was predicted that low mass elements would be better determined through optical means, or the mass collision/reaction technology of the triple quadrupole mass spectrometer, in comparison to high resolution measurements of magnetic sector-based configurations. Ultimately, it is difficult to achieve an “optimal” analysis of 20+ elements, for numerous samples, on a single platform, especially when time, measurement reproducibility, sensitivity, and robustness should be considered. The work presented here highlights the advantages and disadvantages of the respective trace elemental analysis platforms.