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Experimental Study of the Behavior of Phase Change Materials during Interrupted Phase Change Processes...

by Rohit Jogineedi, Kaushik Biswas, Som S Shrestha
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This research article explores the behavior of a phase change material (PCM) when it undergoes interrupted melting and freezing, through experimental investigations using a heat flow meter apparatus. A fatty acid-based organic PCM, encapsulated within polyethylene and thin aluminum foil layers, was experimentally tested in this study. Experiments were designed to represent multiple interrupted phase change scenarios that could occur within PCMs applied in buildings. The experimental results were analyzed and compared with previously reported assumptions in numerical models dealing with PCM hysteresis and interrupted phase change processes. These comparisons indicated that the assumptions used in the different numerical models considered can capture the interrupted phase change phenomena with varying degrees of accuracy. The findings also highlighted the need for additional experimental research on different phase change processes that can occur in building applications of PCMs.