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Experimental investigation of probabilistic failure of SiC/SiC composite tubes under multiaxial loading

by Chen Hu, Jia-liang Le, Takaaki Koyanagi, Joseph Labuz
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Composite Structures
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This paper presents an experimental investigation of the failure behavior of SiC fiber-reinforced SiC matrix (SiC/SiC) composite tubes under multiaxial loading. A new testing apparatus is designed to independently apply axial stress and internal pressure to SiC/SiC tubes. Acoustic emission (AE) is used to monitor the damage growth in the specimen. Based on the measured stress–strain response, a strain-based criterion is proposed to determine the proportional limit stress (PLS). The proposed strain-based criterion is compared with the PLS determined by the AE measurement. The PLS is determined for different loading ratios to form a multiaxial failure surface. By testing multiple replicates, the statistical variations of the PLS are determined. Based on the experimental results, a mathematical model is developed to characterize the probability distribution of the PLS of SiC/SiC composites under multiaxial loading.