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The Effective Lifetime of ACSR Full Tension Splice Connector Operated at Higher Temperature...

Publication Type
Conference Paper
Book Title
2009 IEEE PES PT&C Comittee Meeting Report
Publication Date
Publisher Location
New York, New Jersey, United States of America
Conference Name
2009 IEEE Powr Engineering Society Joint Technical Committee Meeting
Conference Location
Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America
Conference Sponsor
Conference Date

This paper is to address the issues related to integrity of ACSR full tension splice connectors operated at high temperatures. A protocol of integrating analytical and experimental approaches to evaluate the integrity of a full tension single-stage splice connector (SSC) assembly during service at high operating temperature was developed. Based on the developed protocol the effective lifetime evaluation was demonstrated with ACSR Drake conductor SSC systems. The investigation indicates that thermal cycling temperature and frequency, conductor cable tension loading, and the compressive residual stress field within a SSC system have significant impact on the SSC integrity and the associated effective lifetime.