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Dramatic reduction of void swelling by helium in ion-irradiated high purity α-iron...

by Arunodaya Bhattacharya, Estelle Meslin, Jean Henry, Brigitte Decamps, Alain Barbu
Publication Type
Journal Name
Materials Research Letters
Publication Date
Page Numbers
372 to 377

Effect of helium on void swelling was studied in high-purity α-iron, irradiated using energetic self-ions to 157 displacements per atom (dpa) at 773 K, with and without helium co-implantation up to 17 atomic parts-per-million (appm) He/dpa. Helium is known to enhance cavity formation in metals in irradiation environments, leading to early void swelling onset. In this study, microstructure characterization by transmission electron microscopy revealed compelling evidence of dramatic swelling reduction by helium co-implantation, achieved primarily by cavity size reduction. A comprehensive understanding of helium induced cavity microstructure development is discussed using sink strength ratios of dislocations and cavities.