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Direct recycling and remanufacturing of anode scraps...

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Sustainable Materials and Technologies
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With the rapid expansion of Li-ion battery production, significant amounts of electrode scraps that need to be recycled are being produced during cell manufacturing. Anode scrap that comprises critical materials such as graphite and valuable Cu should be recycled and reintegrated into the battery supply chain. This study reports a simple yet efficient water-based recovery process for delaminating anode films from Cu foils through the intercalation of water between the hydrophilic Cu foil and hydrophobic anode coating. Because of the absence of harsh chemicals, the recovered anode films and Cu foils are battery grade and free of damage in terms of physical and chemical properties. This study also demonstrates the reprocessing of those anode films into a new anode that exhibits electrochemical performance similar to that of the pristine anode. This environmentally friendly and cost-effective separation technique allows battery manufacturers to directly recycle and reuse their electrode scraps safely and effectively on-site.