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Compatibility of SiC with ODS FeCrAl in flowing Pb-Li at 600°–700 °C...

by Bruce A Pint, Jiheon Jun, Marie Romedenne
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Fusion Engineering and Design
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To establish the maximum operating temperature for the dual coolant lead lithium (DCLL) blanket concept, thermal convection loop (TCL) experiments were conducted for 1000 h with a peak temperature of 700 °C to determine compatibility with commercial eutectic Pb∼17at.%Li. Two TCLs were fabricated from alloy APMT (FeCrAlMo) and the baseline TCL experiment contained only APMT specimens. The second TCL experiment exposed more fusion relevant CVD SiC and ODS Fe-10Cr-6Al specimens in the hot and cold legs. In the second experiment, the mass losses were much larger for the ODS FeCrAl specimens and most of the CVD SiC specimens experienced a mass gain as SiC reacted to form an Fe- and Cr-rich carbide reaction product. Dissolved Fe and Cr reacted with the SiC and removing Fe and Cr from the liquid appeared to increase ODS FeCrAl dissolution. Such a dissimilar material interaction appears consistent with thermodynamic calculations. Significant attack at the top of the hot leg in both experiments suggests that the Pb-Li compatibility of FeCrAl alloys is inadequate at 700 °C in a flowing environment and the maximum PbLi temperature is < 675 °C.