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A Clarke Transformation-Based DFT Phasor and Frequency Algorithm for Wide Frequency Range...

by Lingwei Zhan, Yong Liu, Yilu Liu
Publication Type
Journal Name
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid
Publication Date
Page Numbers
67 to 77

Despite its wide applications in power grid monitoring, the classic discrete Fourier transform (DFT)-based synchrophasor estimation algorithms suffer from significant errors when the power system operates under off-nominal frequency conditions. This phenomenon is caused by spectral leakage of DFT and becomes even more severe for single-phase synchrophasor estimation. To address this issue, a theory to eliminate the spectral leakage-caused errors is proposed and a Clarke transformation-based DFT synchrophasor estimation algorithm is proposed to implement the theory in this paper. The Clarke transformation constructs a second signal that has exactly 90° phase angle difference from the original single-phase input signal and helps eliminate the estimation errors for a wide frequency range. The proposed algorithm is tested under the conditions required in the phasor measurement unit standard C37.118.1-2011 and C37.118.1a-2014, as well as the harmonic and noise conditions not required in the standard to verify its performance. More importantly, the idea of using Clarke transformation can be used for other DFT-based synchrophasor algorithms in order to achieve higher synchrophasor measurement accuracy under dynamic conditions. An example is presented at last to demonstrate the expandability of the proposed idea.