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Build plate conduction cooling for thermal management of wire arc additive manufactured components...

by Lauren E Heinrich, Thomas A Feldhausen, Kyle S Saleeby, Thomas Kurfess, Christopher Saldana
Publication Type
Journal Name
The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology
Publication Date
Page Numbers
1557 to 1567

Wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) allows for quick, large component manufacturing with fast deposition rates while leveraging readily available wire feedstock that is significantly cheaper than metal powder. However, the increased deposition rate of this process requires enhanced thermal management as failures can occur due to overheating. A common strategy to mitigate overheating is to dwell, or pause, between individual layers; however, this can significantly increase build times and eliminate the advantage of additive manufacturing being able to manufacture components quickly. To help mitigate this issue, this study explores the use of active cooling to maintain process control and to decrease overall build time. Conductive cooling applied to either the bottom or side of the print substrate was explored. Results from this study showed that bottom build plate active cooling can be used to decrease dwell times by up to 50% and decrease cool-down to room temperature after the building process by up to 75%. Results from this study demonstrate that the use of active cooling strategies for WAAM can be used for better thermal control over the process and should be further investigated.