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Biomass-derived carbon dots as emerging visual platforms for fluorescent sensing

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Environmental Research
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Biomass-derived carbon dots (CDs) are non-toxic and fluorescently stable, making them suitable for extensive application in fluorescence sensing. The use of cheap and renewable materials not only improves the utilization rate of waste resources, but it is also drawing increasing attention to and interest in the production of biomass-derived CDs. Visual fluorescence detection based on CDs is the focus of current research. This method offers high sensitivity and accuracy and can be used for rapid and accurate determination under complex conditions. This paper describes the biomass precursors of CDs, including plants, animal remains and microorganisms. The factors affecting the use of CDs as fluorescent probes are also discussed, and a brief overview of enhancements made to the preparation process of CDs is provided. In addition, the application prospects and challenges related to biomass-derived CDs are demonstrated.