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Bilayer hybrid graphite anodes via freeze tape casting for extreme fast charging applications...

by Dhrupadkumar P Parikh, Jianlin Li
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525 to 531

Extreme fast charging (XFC) of lithium-ion batteries is critical for continuous market adoption of electric vehicles. However, mass transport limitations and sluggish kinetics lead to lithium plating in graphite anodes under fast charging conditions. One approach to address the mass transport limitation in graphite is to design low-tortuosity electrodes to enhance ionic transport. In this study, a bilayer hybrid structured electrode with directionally aligned channels was developed via freeze tape casting, which enables faster lithium ion diffusion through the graphite electrode. A scalable roll-to-roll process was designed in which slurry can be cast on any substrates for simple processing. Electrochemical impedance spectroscopy measurements indicated that the bilayer hybrid coating had both low tortuosity and short diffusion pathways, enabling XFC charging. Rate testing for the bilayer hybrid electrode indicated superior performance over the other coatings, exhibiting a ∼20% improvement in the charge capacity compared with the conventional coating at 5C and 10 min total charging time. The bilayer hybrid electrode also demonstrated a 10% improvement in capacity retention compared with the conventional electrode after 1000 cycles at XFC conditions. This study demonstrates freeze tape casting as a scalable way to fabricate low-tortuosity electrodes for XFC applications.