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Application of Modified Direct Denitration to Support the ORNL Coupled-End-to-End Demonstration in Production of Mixed Oxides...

by Elisabeth A Walker, Raymond J Vedder, Leslie K Felker, Steven Marschman
Publication Type
Conference Paper
Publication Date
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Conference Name
ANS Global 2007
Conference Location
Boise, Tennessee, United States of America
Conference Date

The current and future development of the Modified Direct Denitration (MDD)process is in support of Oak Ridge National Laboratory's (ORNL) Coupled End-to-End (CETE) research, development, and demonstration (R&D) of proposed advanced fuel reprocessing and fuel fabrication processes. This work will involve the co-conversion of the U/Pu/Np product streams from the UREX+3 separation flow sheet utilizing the existing MDD glove-box setup and the in-cell co-conversion of the U/Pu/Np/Am/Cm product streams from the UREX+1a flow sheet. Characterization equipment is being procured and installed. Oxide powder studies are being done on calcination/reduction variables, as well as pressing and sintering of pellets to permit metallographic examinations.