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Antiferromagnetic fluctuations and orbital-selective Mott transition in the van der Waals ferromagnet Fe3−xGeTe2

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Physical Review B
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Fe3−xGeTe2 is a layered magnetic van der Waals material of interest for both fundamental and applied research. Despite the observation of intriguing physical properties, open questions exist even on the basic features related to magnetism: is it a simple ferromagnet or are there antiferromagnetic regimes, and are the moments local or itinerant. Here, we demonstrate that antiferromagnetic spin fluctuations coexist with the ferromagnetism through comprehensive elastic and inelastic neutron scattering and thermodynamic measurements. Our realistic dynamical mean-field theory calculations reveal that the competing magnetic fluctuations are driven by an orbital selective Mott transition (OSMT), where only the plane-perpendicular a1g orbital of the Fe(3d) manifold remains itinerant. Our results highlight the multi-orbital character in Fe3−xGeTe2 that supports a rare coexistence of local and itinerant physics within this material.