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Advancing the Authenticatable Container Tracking System (ACTS)

Publication Type
Conference Paper
Journal Name
INMM Proceedings
Publication Date
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Conference Name
INMM 59th Annual Meeting
Conference Location
Baltimore,, Maryland, United States of America
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The Authenticatable Container Tracking System (ACTS) is an extensible secure container tag that can be used to optimize chain-of-custody monitoring for packaged nuclear materials as they are being stored, processed, and transported. Based on the ultra–low power TI MSP430 mixed-signal microcontroller, ACTS is an active device that uses an almost-universal core platform that can be appropriately configured with expansion modules to provide the application-specific data acquisition, data logging, container sealing, and communications functions needed for 21st century material accountancy, monitoring, and tracking applications. This core architecture enables appropriately designed modules to be easily interfaced to the basic system, providing an integration path for current and new technologies. ACTS contains a built-in set of sensors and supports an expansion bus for up to six additional communications, tracking, authentication, encryption, sealing, location, or sensing modules that may enhance the monitoring and tracking of designated containers for specific applications. To date, testing has used an IEEE 802.15.4-2011 ultra-wideband–compliant wireless transceiver module that has additional capabilities for indoor positioning and proximity location. Proximity-based location (i.e., where an ACTS tag knows where it is relative to other ACTS tags) will be explored as a continuity-of-knowledge mechanism to determine unauthorized movement of containers in storage arrays of many items. Partners for this system are Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Argonne National Laboratory, Savannah River National Laboratory, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and commercialization partner the Aquila Group.