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Advanced architectures for high-performance quantum networking...

Publication Type
Journal Name
Journal of Optical Communications and Networking
Publication Date
Page Numbers
493 to 499

As practical quantum networks prepare to serve an ever-expanding number of nodes, there has grown a need for advanced auxiliary classical systems that support the quantum protocols and maintain compatibility with the existing fiber-optic infrastructure. We propose and demonstrate a quantum local area network design that addresses current deployment limitations in timing and security in a scalable fashion using commercial off-the-shelf components. First, we employ White Rabbit switches to synchronize three remote nodes with ultra-low timing jitter, significantly increasing the fidelities of the distributed entangled states over previous work with Global Positioning System clocks. Second, using a parallel quantum key distribution channel, we secure the classical communications needed for instrument control and data management. In this way, the conventional network that manages our entanglement network is secured using keys generated via an underlying quantum key distribution layer, preserving the integrity of the supporting systems and the relevant data in a future-proof fashion.