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6. Closed-Loop Toolpath Generation...

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Book Chapter
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81 to 95
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Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States of America

Closed-loop paths, also known as closed-loop contours, are paths that start and stop at the same point and are typically used to define the perimeter or outermost boundary of the polygon that represents a given layer of an object, referred to as the “layer polygon.” Finding the location of a closed-loop path involves applying two offsetting steps to the edge of the layer polygon. The offsetting steps respectively serve to (1) find the area that contains the toolpath and (2) find the centerline of that area, to define the path itself. After finding the perimeter path, the remaining geometry from the layer polygon can be used for additional path-planning steps. This chapter will discuss how the location for a closed-loop path is found, including various problem scenarios, and the different types of closed-loop paths used in additive manufacturing.