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A 32-channels readout ASIC for X-ray spectrometry and tracking in the GAPS experiment

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IEEE Transactions on Nuclear Science
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1 to 10

This work describes the architecture and the experimental results from the characterization of a 32-channels mixed-signal Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) developed for the readout of the lithium-drifted silicon, Si(Li), detectors of the General AntiParticle Spectrometer (GAPS) experiment dedicated to searching for dark matter. The instrument is designed for the identification of antiprotons, antideuterons and antihelium nuclei from cosmic rays during an Antarctic balloon mission scheduled for late 2024. A full custom integrated circuit, named SLIDER32 (32-channels Si-LI DEtector Readout) ASIC, has been produced in a commercial 180 nm CMOS technology. The ASIC is comprised of 32 low-noise analog readout channels featuring dynamic signal compression to comply with the wide input range, an 11-bit SAR ADC and a digital back-end section which is responsible for channel setting and for sending digital information to the data acquisition system (DAQ). The circuit design criteria and the experimental results are discussed in the paper.