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Workshops and Training

ORNL is a leader in providing workshops on today’s most relevant topics, as well as hands-on training courses on production tools for a wide range of applications. We provide a modern conference facility that can accommodate over 200 participants and a state-of-the-art dedicated training venue especially designed for hands-on software courses.



ORNL workshops attract the global community to a venue that encourages innovation and excitement in a place where so much nuclear history has evolved. Recent meeting series that are especially applicable to ONRAMP include:

Many workshops are planned for the future, and we welcome suggestions and partnerships for further opportunities. Recurring workshops:

  • CASL/VERA Users' Group (annual)
  • MSR Workshop (annual)
  • SCALE Users' Group (annual)

Possible future topics may include, but are not limited to:

  • CFD community of practice (broader than nuclear)
  • Experimental facilities, validation, and experiment design
  • HPC in nuclear applications
  • Hybrid variance reduction techniques
  • Modeling and simulation for advanced reactors
  • Modeling and simulation for fusion plasma physics and neutronics
  • Modeling and simulation for neutron science facilities
  • Modeling and simulation for research reactors
  • Nuclear data needs and opportunities
  • Nuclear security modeling
  • Sensitivity analysis and uncertainty quantification

Currently planned workshops are provided online at


Training is provided by developers and expert users from our teams, with current courses offered to address a variety of technical areas including but not limited to the following:

  • Nuclear criticality safety
  • LWR and advanced reactor modeling
  • Reactor safety analysis
  • Radiation shielding
  • Spent nuclear fuel characterization for transportation/storage package designs, decommissioning and disposal
  • Verification, validation, and uncertainty quantification
  • Nuclear safeguards and security applications
  • Nuclear data processing and libraries generation

Additionally, many related workshops are presented at conferences and universities. We are growing our public training offerings to cover a wider range of application areas and to include more computational tools. In 2019, we will offer new courses on (1) ADVANTG, which is developed and maintained by ORNL, (2) VERA, which is developed through an ORNL-led collaboration of many partners in academia, industry, and the national laboratory system as part of a larger effort under CASL, (3) the Nuclear Data Fundamentals and AMPX Libraries Generation Course, and (4) System-coupled Multiphysics CFD for Nuclear Analysis.

Current course offerings are listed online at