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The Transient Simulation Framework of Reconfigurable Modules (TRANSFORM) is an ORNL-developed component library created using the Modelica programming language for the investigation of dynamic thermal-hydraulic systems and other multiphysics systems. The TRANSFORM library allows for rapid development of energy systems with a focus on enabling the modeler to customize the components for any application, including instrumentation and control design. The TRANSFORM library has been successfully used for a variety of nuclear applications, including investigations into the performance of nuclear hybrid energy systems (NHESs), nuclear thermal propulsion systems, liquid metal and gas-cooled reactors, and molten salt applications including kinetic behavior and fission product transport (e.g., neutron precursors, xenon, and tritium).

Modelica is a nonproprietary, object-oriented, equation-based programming language used to conveniently model complex physical and cyberphysical systems to include systems containing mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic, thermal, control, etc. components. A key advantage of Modelica is its separation of physical models and the solvers of the models. This separation enables rapid generation of complex physical systems and control design in a single language without deep knowledge of numeric solvers, code generation, etc.

Licensing: TRANSFORM is available under open source licensing:


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