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NEAMS Workbench

The Nuclear Energy Advanced Modeling and Simulation (NEAMS) Workbench facilitates the use of multiple tools in analysis, including production tools and high-fidelity tools developed in the CASL and NEAMS programs, by providing a common user interface for model creation, review, execution, output review, and visualization for integrated codes. The workbench can provide a common user input, including engineering-scale specifications that are expanded into code-specific input requirements through the use of customizable templates. The templating process enables multi-fidelity analysis of a system from a common set of input data. Expansion of the codes and application templates and automated workflows available in the NEAMS Workbench facilitates system analysis and design. While users of the workbench are required to license and install the appropriate computational tools, the workbench will provide a more consistent user experience and will ease transition from one tool to the next.

Licensing: NEAMS Workbench is available under a three-clause open source software license.

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Tool Application Status Integration Lead
MOOSE General purpose multiphysics framework Beta 1.0 ORNL/INL
BISON Fuel performance Beta 1.0 ORNL/INL
Dakota Uncertainty quantification and model optimization Beta 1.0 SNL/ORNL
ARC Fast reactor analysis Beta 1.0 ANL
SCALE Widely used multipurpose neutronics and shielding analysis Beta 1.0 ORNL
PROTEUS Three-dimensional unstructured grid finite element neutron transport solver In progress RPI/ANL
MCNP Widely used Monte Carlo radiation transport code In progress RPI/LANL
NEK5000 Computational fluid dynamics analysis In progress ORNL
Warthog Multiphysics neutronics and fuel performance in MOOSE In progress ORNL
SAM MOOSE tool for single phase systems analysis Planned ORNL/ANL
VERA-IN CASL multiphysics tool  Planned ORNL