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AMPX is a nuclear data processing code suite that generates continuous-energy and multigroup neutron and gamma libraries used in SCALE and VERA, covariance data used in S/U calculations, and depletion, activation, and decay data for ORIGEN.

Evaluated Nuclear Data File (ENDF) libraries contain the nuclear data for use in transport codes. However, processing is needed to convert the data into a form for use in analysis, including determination of required energy grids and angular distributions. Many types of processing are required for thermal scattering, resolved resonance, unresolved resonance, and fast energy range. Additional data are needed for ORIGEN libraries, especially decay modes from the Evaluated Nuclear Structure Data File (ENSDF) library, activation data from the Joint European Fission Fusion (JEFF) libraries, etc.

Through its many computation modules, integrated user interfaces, and automated scripting, AMPX enables a team to confidently develop quality-assured production libraries for use in design and licensing calculations and provides for exploration of new data sources, group structures, and more.

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Licensing: AMPX-6 is distributed with SCALE 6.2.3, which is available from RSICC as C00834.