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Project Highlight: Building 5200 LEED GOLD, LEED ARC

In 2018 ORNL achieved USGBC LEED GOLD certification for Building 5200, Research Support Center. During that process we won an Impact Benchmarking Challenge Award for our first completed LEED ARC project. The recognition was for Most Improved Water category for USGBC Tennessee.

What is LEED ARC?

ARC is a complement to LEED and other green building systems, standards and protocols that allows buildings and spaces to connect to the built environment in a new way by comparing performance metrics and connecting them to green building strategies. As a digital platform for performance data, ARC uses real-time data to help individual buildings, as well as cities and communities, measure, track, and improve sustainability performance. Established in 2016, ARC Skoru Inc, is the first program to track building progress using a performance metrics scoring system. The platform creates a holistic view of sustainability efforts and helps projects track and improve performance across energy, waste, water, transportation, and human experience with the goal of certifying them to LEED or other rating systems. ARC collects, manages and tracks activity in one place, allowing project teams to benchmark performance and compare progress against local, regional, and global averages. The ARC platform provides the means for greater transparency through quality data, so organizations can make more informed decisions.