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ORNL Regained Fastest Supercomputer Ranking with Titan AND Demonstrated World-Class Power Efficiency in the Process

When ORNL's Jaguar, once the world's fastest computer was upgraded in 2012, we were fairly certain Titan, the renamed Jaguar, would regain the title of "Home to the World's Fastest Computer" for ORNL, which it did in November 2012, demonstrating a sustained performance of 17.59 petaflops. But more importantly, total energy consumption for Titan increased by only 10% over the Jaguar system, while performance increased a full 10-fold. The cost to operate the system, measured in terms of completed floating point operations per second per watt, puts Titan in rarified company as the third most efficient computer in the world. according to the Green500 list. Titan produced more than 2,100 megaflops using just a single watt of electricity, exceeding the energy efficiency of previous award winners including IBM's Blue Gene/Q. In addition, Titan dwarfed the system capability of the two small systems that were slightly more efficient, demonstrating the ability of its hybrid architecture to efficiently scale to extremely large system size while maintaining its power efficiency.