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DOE reports win prestigious tech comms awards

STC Alliance Distinguished badge

ORNL staff members played prominent roles in reports that won one Distinction award and two Excellence awards in the 2022 Alliance Competition of the Society for Technical Communication, or STC. Entries are judged on technical content, achievement of purpose and technical execution. Awards of Distinction honor work that is “clearly superior in all areas.” Awards of Excellence laud work that “consistently meets high standards in all areas.”

STC, the oldest professional association dedicated to the advancement of technical communication, ended its international competition in 2017. The STC Alliance Competition is one of four technical communication contests hosted by chapters. The alliance includes Atlanta, New England, New York, Rochester, South-Central Texas and Washington DC–Baltimore chapters.

The report titled Office of Science User Facilities: Lessons from the COVID Era and Visions for the Future won a Distinction designation in the information materials category. ORNL research contributors were Karren More, Ashley Barker, Bronson Messer, Janell Thomson, Hans Christen and Jerry Tuskan. The Biological and Environmental Research Information System group, including Stacey McCray and Marissa Mills, provided editorial support for the report.

The report titled Innovative Separations R&D Needs for Advanced Fuel Cycles Workshop, for the DOE Office of Nuclear Energy, won an Excellence award in the information materials category. It was co-led by chemist Bruce Moyer, who is an ORNL Corporate Fellow, with contributors from four universities, four national laboratories and DOE headquarters. Stephanie Bruffey, formerly of ORNL, co-wrote the ORNL contributions with Moyer. The report’s all-ORNL publication team comprised technical editor Emily Huckabay and electronic media specialist Kathy Jones of the Technical Communications group and designer Laddy Fields of the Graphics group.

The DOE report titled National Virtual Biotechnology Laboratory (NVBL): Report on Rapid R&D Solutions to the COVID-19 Crisis won an excellence award in the promotional materials category. Project leads included ORNL’s Lonnie Love and Budhu Bhaduri and Martha Head, formerly of ORNL. The Biological and Environmental Research Information System group, including Jackie Kerr and Stacey McCray, provided editorial support. – Dawn Levy