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The State of Sustainability in Tennessee


Name: Chris Pianta
Affiliation: Department of Environment & Conservation Office of Sustainable Practices
Date: April 27, 2023 12:32pm - 1:32pm


Earth Week 2023 Seminar


The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation (TDEC) exists to enhance the quality of life for citizens of Tennessee and to be stewards of our natural environment by protecting and improving the quality of Tennessee's air, land, and water through a responsible regulatory system. This is done through both regulatory enforcement and stakeholder engagement. TDEC’s Division of Stakeholder Engagement (DSE) engages and empowers stakeholders through clear communication with a focus on customers, sustainability, resourceful problem solving, and leading by example. Within DSE, the Office of Sustainable Practices works with businesses, communities, and governments and institutions to provide programming, resources, and technical assistance that promote environmental sustainability and resilience throughout Tennessee.

Christopher Pianta is an Environmental Program Manager for the Office of Sustainable Practices. He has a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science from the University of Tennessee, and a Masters in Environmental Engineering from Vanderbilt University. Chris spent the early part of his career in consulting, working mostly on solid waste and remediation projects. Since transitioning to his current career with the State, Chris has developed both an expertise and a passion for sustainability, particularly in the field of waste reduction and energy efficiency. He is one of the Office's Team Leads and is responsible for managing several programs that focus on assisting businesses, communities, and institutions with improving their triple bottom line through the implementation of sustainable practices.