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Crafting a Circular Future with Molecular Recycling


Name: Chris Layton
Affiliation: Eastman
Date: April 22, 2022 10:59am - 12:00pm


Earth Week 2022 Seminar

Earth Week seminar

Eastman's Director of Specialty Plastics, Chris Layton, discusses the global plastic waste crisis we're all hearing so much about and why that is driving us toward a more circular economy. Molecular recycling can be a vital complement to mechanical recycling to tackle the plastic waste challenges we face.

In this session, we learn the ins and outs of molecular recycling technologies, what technologies work best for which materials, and how Eastman is working to develop more sustainable materials while influencing the broader ecosystem to ensure their long-term adoption.

Chris Layton is the Sustainability Director for Eastman's Specialty Plastics business unit group. He joined Eastman in 1998 and has held roles of increasing responsibility in Environmental Health & Safety, Technology, and Business Management/Leadership. In his current role, he works across Specialty Plastics' various markets to leverage Eastman's advanced circular recycling technologies and help customers meet their sustainability goals.