Radiation Transport

Radiation Transport

The Radiation Transport Group is part of the Reactor and Nuclear Systems Division within the Nuclear Science and Engineering Directorate of Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Radiation Transport is responsible for the development and use of nuclear analysis methods for criticality safety and radiation protection and shielding applications.

Radiation Transport staff perform basic and applied R&D, using their analysis experience and expertise to provide problem-solving tools, technical solutions, and policy advice to the Department of Energy and the Nuclear Regulatory Commission, as well as other government and private organizations.


Massively Parallel, Three-Dimensional Transport Solutions for the k-Eigenvalue Problem

We have implemented a new multilevel parallel decomposition in the Denovo discrete ordinates radiation transport code. In concert with Krylov subspace iterative solvers, the multilevel decomposition...

Efficient Solution of the Simplified PN Equations

In this paper we show new solver strategies for the multigroup SPN equations for nuclear reactor analysis. By forming the complete matrix over space, moments, and energy, a robust set of solution...

POLARIS: A New Two-Dimensional Lattice Physics Analysis Capability for the SCALE Code System

Polaris is a new 2-dimensional (2-D) lattice physics capability in the SCALE code system for the analysis of light water reactor fuel designs. In this paper, the Polaris calculational methods are...


Develop, apply and deploy state-of-the-art modeling and simulation capabilities along with extensive expertise to solve challenging radiation transport problems across a wide range of applications.


Application-driven radiation transport capability development and deployment:

  • Driven by challending and significant applications
  • Steered by applications and analysis experience
  • Deployed and adapted across many applications areas
  • Designed to scale from supercomputers to laptops
  • V&V with physical and computational experiments

Major Sponsors:

Defense Threat Reduction Agency

DOE National Nuclear Security Administration 

U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission

U.S. ITER & ITER International Organization

DOE Office of Nuclear Energy 

DOE Office of Fusion Energy Science