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Nuclear Criticality Safety Analysis Support

Topic: Nuclear Science and Technology

Problem Statement

Providing Nuclear Criticality Safety (NCS) support throughout the world.

Technical Approach

ORNL NCS staff provide support for fissionable material operations, storage, transportation and remediation activities throughout the world. 

Support includes process design and analysis, operational and regulatory reviews, calculational analysis using the SCALE code system, training in analysis techniques and SCALE code usage, criticality accident alarm system analysis, participation in ANSI/ANS 8 national standards on NCS, and development of NCS analysis codes, nuclear data, and analysis techniques.


Use of expertise and experience of ORNL staff, the SCALE code system, and computing and other resources at ORNL provides users with  better understanding of NCS issues, available computational tools and data, current analysis methods, and U.S. regulatory expectations.


Customers in the U.S. and around the world

Principal Investigator

William (BJ) Marshall

Project Details

Start Date