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Fallout Inject Tool (FIT)

Topics: Nuclear Science and Technology Nuclear Security Science and Technology

Fallout Inject Tool (FIT) Ground CollectionsProblem Statement

The Ground Collection Task Force (GCTF) currently use rules of thumb or gross approximations to inject fallout data into their exercises.  

Develop a new tool (FIT) for exercise controllers, which coordinates ground-truth fallout injects in every stage of the GCTF exercise.

Technical Approach

Integrate the Fallout Planning Tool’s deposition for Field stage injects.

Integrate DELFIC’s isotopics with GADRAS for detector dose rate and spectra injects throughout the Analyst stages.


Consistent fallout injects that coordinate field sample characteristics and present realistic responses from the collection point through triage. This removes the use of rules of thumbs and gross approximations during exercises.

Fallout Inject Tool (FIT) Detector Response

Project Details

Principle Investigator
Funding Source
Department of Defense (DOD)