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Nonreactor Nuclear Facilities


Meeting the nation's nuclear science demands

ORNL has a unique complex of nuclear facilities to support the increasing demand for producing isotopes and developing nuclear fuels and materials. The Nonreactor Nuclear Facilities Division (NNFD) operates, maintains, and modernizes those facilities, managing infrastructure, staffing, and processes needed to support research and development.

The lab's diverse research and development mission requires extensive maintenance and regular updates to ORNL's nuclear facilities, which include hot and cold laboratories, glove boxes, high bays, and heavily shielded hot cells.

NNFD provides qualified staff to support this goal, protecting workers at the lab as well as the public. It oversees transportation of nuclear materials on site in support of the lab's missions. It provides safety support through engineering designs for facility upgrades; evaluation of the methods used to implement research and development mission activities; Environment, Safety, Health, and Quality; training; work control; and document control.

NNFD also develops strategic plans for the needed investments to keep these facilities going, continuing the research and development necessary to meet the nation's nuclear materials and isotopes needs both now and in the future. 

Nonreactor Nuclear Facilities

Tour the REDC in 3D

Take a 3D tour of the Radiochemical Engineering Development Center, where plutonium-238 for NASA and other isotopes for medicine and science are processed every day.


Interim Division Director, Nonreactor Nuclear Facilities Division
Allen Smith

ORNL's Nuclear Facilities: Answering the Nation's Needs

Oak Ridge National Laboratory’s nuclear facilities are scientific engines used to produce unique isotopes, develop national security solutions, and enable groundbreaking research.