Society, Energy, and Environment

Society, Energy, and Environment

The Society, Energy, and Environment (SEE) Group analyzes human health, environmental, economic, and societal implications of emerging science and technology.

Human Health Risk and Environmental Analysis


Validation and uncertainty qualification of detector response functions for a 1' x 2" NaI collimated detector intended for inverse radioisotope source mapping applications

Detector response functions (DRFs) are often used for inverse analysis. We compute the DRF of a sodium iodide (NaI) nuclear material holdup field detector using the code named g03 developed by the...

Comparison of photon organ and effective dose coefficients for PIMAL stylized phantom in bent positions in standard irradiation geometries

Computational phantoms with articulated arms and legs have been constructed to enable the estimation of radiation dose in different postures. Through a graphical user interface, the Phantom wIth...

Organ and effective dose rate coefficients for submersion exposure in occupational settings

External dose coefficients for environmental exposure scenarios are often computed using assumption on infinite or semi-infinite radiation sources. For example, in the case of a person standing on...

Capabilities & Research Areas

The Society, Energy, and Environment Group applies expertise in (a) assessing the ability of scientific and technological advances to promote national social, economic, and environmental objectives safely and sustainably; (b) assessing and managing existing or evolving energy, environmental and health impacts of extant technologies; and (c) helping transition science and technological advances toward wider beneficial use. Group expertise includes human health risk assessment, dosimetry and radiation protection, and toxicology (human, animal, and environmental); regulatory analysis; energy and economic modeling and analysis; sustainable technology modeling, assessment, analysis, evaluation, and deployment; environmental analysis; and social, institutional, and behavioral analysis. The Group’s work serves a mix of academic, governmental, and practitioner audiences.


Amy Wolfe

Amy K Wolfe

Society, Energy, and Environment Group Leader

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