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Nuclear Data

ORNL generates and deploys nuclear data evaluation and processing software, fundamental physics evaluations, and nuclear data libraries for a wide range of applications that involve neutron and gamma transport; activation, depletion, and decay; and uncertainty analysis. The capabilities and expertise at ORNL span the entire nuclear data lifecycle, including:

  • Assessment of nuclear data needs that could improve the prediction of or reduce the uncertainty in safety and design calculations
  • Differential measurement of new data at neutron scattering facilities
  • Evaluation of fundamental data for incorporation with ENDF distributions
  • Processing of data from ENDF and other sources to generate libraries for production use and distribution

Many emerging nuclear data needs are originating in areas where data are poorly quantified, especially for advanced reactors, isotope production, and nuclear security applications. The use of data gathered from irradiation experiments in HFIR, coupled with advanced S/U methods, provides an opportunity to improve the fundamental understanding of the physics and accelerate the deployment and use of improved data that are more predictive for new applications. If your team has a specialized nuclear data need, we can provide a comprehensive solution.