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Accident Analysis

ORNL has recognized expertise in the development, extension, and validation of codes for the assessment of system thermal hydraulics, system dynamics, and reactor safety. TRANSFORM is uniquely suited for system dynamics analysis and instrumentation and control design. ORNL also evaluates and validates the NRC system analysis code TRACE for LWR applications and develops modified branches of the TRACE system analysis code for advanced reactor applications. ORNL also evaluates and validates the system safety analysis code RELAP5 for LWR and advanced reactor applications. ORNL maintains material property functions for a variety of reactor coolants and structural materials for use in these codes. 

Through SCALE, ORNL also provides the NRC and the nuclear industry with the radionuclide inventories and decay heat generation rates for severe accident analysis, especially for interoperability with the MELCOR severe accident code. ORNL had a leading role in support of DOE and NRC in response to the Fukushima Daiichi incident.