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Zeiss Merlin FE-SEM

The Merlin FE-SEM overcomes the conflict between image resolution and analytical capability. The core of Merlin is the GEMINI column which achieves an image resolution of 1 nanometer. A sample current of up to 300 nanoamperes is available for analytical purposes with the Bruker energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy (EDS) system.


  • Investigation of CNMS Nanofabrication Research Laboratory devices and structures
  • Characterize nanomaterials such as carbon nanostructures, engineered and self-organized nanosystems, thin-films and nanocomposite materials.


  • Local Charge Compensation
  • Plasma Cleaner
  • STEM Detector and TEM grid holder
  • In-Lens Detector
  • SE2 Detector
  • Backscatter Detector
  • Inlens EsB (Energy select backscatter) Detector
  • Chamber Scope
  • Stage Camera
  • Bruker EDS with solid-state detector


 Controlled Synthesis Engineer
Master Technician