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Transportation Analysis and Visualization




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ORNL has extensive expertise in developing and applying spatial decision support systems to activities such as freight flow analysis and associated infrastructure investment studies. This expertise spans and often combines statistical and econometric modeling with micro-simulation and optimization methods, and has been applied across all of the major modes of transportation (highway, rail, water, air, pipeline, intermodal), and at the local and large regional as well as fully national scale. This includes traditional transportation planning studies as well more specialized uses of similar methods and models, notably in regional evacuation studies, hazardous materials routing studies, and in critical link analysis studies in support of threat mitigation and other network security objectives. 

Scientists brings complex data sets to life in the Transportation Analysis and Visualization Laboratory (TRAVL), a state-of-the-art, 32-seat facility designed to showcase ORNL-developed transportation modeling and simulation tools. With 15 high-definition 3D graphics panels and enough processing power to handle the most advanced real-time simulation modeling collaborations, TRAVL is a signature asset for transportation data visual analytics. It facilitates visual sharing of data displayed as topographical maps, 3D drawings, and high-definition video.