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Thin Film XRD

Thin film XRD in CNMS J-143

The PANalytical X’Pert Pro MRD is a multipurpose x-ray diffractometer that is capable of high- and low-resolution measurements for thin-film characterization using techniques such as x-ray reflectivity, reciprocal space mapping, rocking curve analysis, theta-2theta scans, and texture analysis.   



  • 1.8kW Cu Kα source
  • High flux hybrid monochromator
  • Automatic beam attenuator
  • Receiver slits and Ge analyzer
  • Sealed Xe proportional counter
  • 127 mm diam stage

±50 mm translation in X and Y

Sample thickness limited to ≤9 mm

Multiple sample capable

  • Vacuum option
  • Open horizontal goniometer
  • Scriptable measurement sequences