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Thin Film Deposition & Reactive Ion Etching

First Nano Rapid Thermal Processor


The First Nano Rapid Thermal Processor (RTP) is a lamp-based heating system that allows modulation of film and substrate properties through thermal processing.

Fig 1

The RTP utilizes infrared lamp heating and is capable of controlled ramp rates or rapid maximum ramp rates approaching 100 °C per second. Samples can be heated in excess of 1200 °C in various ambient conditions and pressures ranging from 10 mTorr to atmospheric pressure.


  • Growth of nanomaterials on lithographically defined metal thin-films, modulation of thin film stress, modulation of as deposited thin film stoichiometry via reduction and/or oxidation, reflow/dewetting of materials during annealing, driving of dopants into materials to control electrical behavior and/or etch sensitivity.
  • Solid phase dewetting of thin metal films is a convenient bottom up strategy that enables facile nanoscale patterning without lithography.
Fig 2
RTP De-wetted Pt metal films at different thickness on silicon dioxide followed by 5 mins RIE (clockwise from top left): 3nm, 6nm, 9nm, 15nm


  • Recipe controlled processing
  • Temperatures up to 1200 °C
  • Process pressure from 10 mTorr up to atmospheric pressure
  • H2, O2, Ar, and N2 process gases
  • Single 4” wafer or small chip processing

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