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SUSS MicroTech Contact Aligner

SUSS MicroTec MA6/BA6 Gen3 contact mask aligner systems with broadband (405-365nm) exposure optics


  • Topside (TSA) and backside alignment (BSA) capabilities
  • Accuracy:  <800nm, for TSA in vacuum contact mode, and 1mm for BSA
  • 5x and 10x objectives
  • Mask sizes 4”x 4” and 5” x 5”
  • Allows patterning and alignment from 5mm x 5mm chip size up to 100mm wafer, with 10 mm thickness max
  • Exposure modes:  
    • Vacuum contact, soft contact, hard contact, and proximity
    • Constant power or constant dose
    • Flood exposure, split exposure

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