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Phenom XL SEM

The CNMS Phenom XL is an easy to operate tabletop Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM), used to quickly image samples fabricated in the CNMS cleanroom for spot checking and process improvements.  It accommodates 100mm x 100mm sample size or 36 1/2" stubs.


  • Superb Image Quality: Cerium hexaboride electron source (CeB6) high brightness, long-life electron source (10x more electrons than tungsten, cleaner and tighter beam, superior imaging at all kV ranges, especially low kV)
  • Highest resolution desktop SEM (Minimal resolution of < 10 nm), high SEM magnification without digital zoom (12x digital zoom)
  • Speed to Image: sample loading in less than 30 seconds, fast image capture, fast frame refresh rates (10Hz)
  • Vibration insensitive: The Phenom XL is insensitive to vibrations.
  • No user maintenance required. Low maintenance costs and high uptime (SEM is always ready)
  • Ease of Use: Never-Lost Navigation: Interactive Relation Between Optical and Electron Image. Control via intuitive Software and Rotary Knob. Navigation via motorized stage.
  • Variable vacuum levels for samples that are non-conductive.
  • Minimal maximum magnification of 100,000 X.
  • Variable acceleration voltages from 5 to 20 kV
  • Rapid sample loading times through specialized venting and loading mechanisms.
    • Electron optical loading times < 60 sec: light optical < 5 sec.
  • Minimum capture image resolution of 2048 x 2048.