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Oxford FlexAl Atomic Layer Deposition

The Oxford FlexAl Plasma Atomic Layer Deposition System (ALD) allows deposition of highly conformal, pinhole-free thin films on virtually any topography from a single atomic layer up to several nanometers thickness and at relatively low temperatures. The two defining characteristics of ALD are self-limiting layer by layer growth and highly conformal coating of extreme high aspect ratio topography. The addition of plasma capability allows for ALD processing temperatures as low as 30 oC.

ALD Materials Available

  • Aluminum Oxide
  • Aluminum Nitride
  • Hafnium Oxide
  • Hafnium Nitride
  • Vanadium Oxide
  • Silicon Oxide
  • Titanium Oxide


Passivation and/or functionalization of high aspect ratio features, ultra-thin gate dielectrics, reduction of pore size in porous materials, conformal coating of nanoparticles, nanowires, posts, cavities, trenches, etc.  Some films make excellent etch masks. Low temperature deposition on polymer substrates.


  • Deposition of highly conformal, ultra-thin and pinhole free films
  • Single 4” wafer or small chip processing
  • 4” cross wafer uniformity typically < +/-1%
  • Plasma or Thermal ALD
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma RF power up to 600 watts
  • Deposition temperatures from 30 °C to 400 °C

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