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Nion UltraSTEM U100

Nion UltraSTEM U100

Ultra STEM

The low-voltage Nion UltraSTEM offers relatively easy atomic resolution Z-contrast images and is ideally suited for thin or 2D samples.


  • Low-voltage (60-100kV) aberration-corrected STEM/EELS (Nion UltraSTEM)
  • Recently equipped with Nion IRIS spectrometer with Dectris ELA detector
  • Cold FEG and ultrahigh vacuum column
  • Equipped with a fifth order aberration-corrector
  • Operation at any voltage between 60 to 100 kV
  • 0.1 nm spatial resolution (at 100 kV)
  • 300 meV energy resolution for EELS
  • Fast SCMOS Camera for 4D-STEM 
  • Equipped with a holder that enables limited heating and biasing capabilities