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Macro Group Members


Group Leader
Small Molecule Synthesis and Characterization, Deuteration and Stable-Isotope Labeling, NMR
Soft Matter Microscopy, Soft Electronics and Ionics, Surface Plasmon Resonance, AI for Healthcare and Manufacturing
Polymer Synthesis and Characterization, Deuterated Polymers, Synthesis Under Continuous Flow


FTIR, FTIR-ATR, Ellipsometry, Contact Angle Goiniometry
Electrochemistry and neutron reflectometry
Novocrontrol broadband dielectric/impedence spectrometer; ALV Goiniometer System; ZetaSizer, RSA-G2 DMA; TA Q2000 DSC; Lecia DM4500P Optical Microscope; Linkam Shear Cell/Imaging Station; TA Discovery Hybrid Rheometer (HR2); RheoSense m-VROC Viscometer
Biopolymer, Biodeuteration, Enzymatic Synthesis, Surface Functionalization, Nanofibers


Polymer Synthesis, Surface Coating and Characterization
Continuous flow reactors; Parr reactor; NMR; GCMS; Maldi-TOF
Group Admin

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