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Isotope Processing and Manufacturing Groups

IMPD groups work together to standardize quality-controlled manufacturing processes for in-demand isotopes. Included are radioisotope production technicians, radioisotope laboratory technicians, hot cell technicians, operations technicians, nuclear operations technicians, nuclear operations task leads, radioisotope manufacturing coordinators, radioisotope processing engineers, administrative assistants and others. 

Building 3047 Operations

The 3047 Operations group is responsible for the production of various radioisotopes to support the DOE Isotope Program. The group also works closely with ORNL’s Nonreactor Nuclear Facilities Division to operate and maintain the Radioisotope Development Laboratory Hazard Category 3 nuclear facility.

Building 4501 Operations

The 4501 Operations group is responsible for the purification, dispensing, and shipment of various radioisotopes to support the DOE Isotope Program. The group also works closely with ORNL’s Facilities Management Division to operate and maintain the 4501 radiological facility.

Building 7930 Operations

7930 Operations Group safely handles alpha and neutron emitters and works with some of the most exotic and rare materials on the planet within a Hazard Category 2 nuclear facility that includes hot and cold laboratories, heavily shielded hot cells, glove boxes, and high bay space.

Operations Support 

The Operations Support Group provides technical and operational support to enable and sustain IPMD processing and manufacturing operations. Support activities include manufacturing excellence, program integration, detailed work planning and control, process/system engineering, logistics, and risk mitigation.

Nelson Fauls, left, and Brad Tinker operate manipulators preparing at a hot cell in the Radiochemical Engineering Development Center. The unique facility allows for the handling of alpha and neutron emitters and for work with some of the most exotic and rare materials on the planet.
Credit: Carlos Jones/ORNL, U.S. Dept. of Energy

REDC Hot Cell Operations

The Radiochemical Engineering Development Center (REDC) Hot Cell Operations Group conducts operations within the hot cells of Building 7920, one of the two main hot cell facilities that comprise the REDC. The operations conducted here ensure safe and compliant execution of the research and development mission through the production, storage and distribution center for the Department of Energy's heavy element research and distribution program. It includes glove boxes, chemical and analytical laboratories, safe storage space, and heavily shielded hot cells designed to separate, purify and process radioisotopes. 

REDC Laboratory Chemical Operations

The Laboratory Chemical Operations (LCO) group is involved in the manufacturing of radioisotopes for customers all over the world.  Utilizing the unique radiological facilities at REDC, the LCO group conducts operations in hot cells, gloves boxes, radiological hoods to process, dispense, and finish radioisotope products. This group supports the manufacturing mission to deliver radioisotopes for research and commercial applications (e.g., medical, super heavy element, ion sources, tracer studies and physics experiments).

REDC Materials Operations

The REDC Material Operations team processes materials and products in liquid, oxide, pellet, and target form for programs in development and production at REDC. Major activities include curium target fabrication for the Cf-252 program, Np-237 target production for irradiation at the ORNL High Flux Isotope Reactor and Idaho National Laboratory Advanced Test Reactor, and packaging of Pu-238 for shipment to Los Alamos National Laboratory. The group offers support to other isotopes that have advanced past research phase, as well as training others in hands-on glove box and remote manipulator work.